Garcinia Cambogia FREE TRIAL offers are all over the Internet nowadays.

But in reality, it’s like someone ugly you hook up with at a bar.

Looks sexy initially, but later you realise it’s NOT a good deal.

Unfortunately, with the rise in popularity and demand for Garcinia Cambogia Fat Buster Supplements, many scam artists and crafty retailers have jumped on the bandwagon too.

They want to cash in on vulnerable and weak people.

To successfully avoid these types of SCAMS, you need to be a very shrewd and discriminating customer.

And I will help you do just that.

3 REASONS why it’s so damn hard to find truthful and trustworthy information these days:

1. Money (GREED)

With 100 Million Dieters, a $20 Billion Industry, and 108 million people on diet in the United states alone, unscrupulous marketers are out there to get their share of the dollars. They will tell you anything – outright lies!


Source: ABC News Health

2. Information Overload

The Internet provides you information you need in seconds. Lack of information is not a problem.

Too much information is a problem.

There are too many fitness and diet gurus nowadays. Who do you trust & believe??

The explosion of online blogs and magazines are adding to this “info-quagmire” at an alarming rate. This makes it all difficult to assess and digest information you read online.

3. Conflicting Advice

There are too many conflicting opinions and advice online.

This has led people to be frustrated, disillusioned and thoroughly confused. You don’t know where to go and where to buy.

So, I have decided to use my personal experience and write this blog to help people like me.

Let’s put a stop to the lies and let’s stay clear of the SCAMS !!

Lie #1: Membership!

You don’t NEED a membership.

It’s the Unscrupulous Marketers who are scamming you! Not the product.

The Natural Garcinia Cambogia Supplement itself is not a scam. I have personally used it, and lost weight over a 12 week period.

If you end up buying from an online scam that forces you into a membership program, then you’re in for a tough time…

This is my warning to you.

I have seen many frustrated people on forums, reviews, and blog comments expressing their bad experiences.

And trust me, you want to stay away from it right from the go.

Lie #2: We Can’t Show You The Price Yet Until You Try

First off, why would you signup for products, if the prices are not shown upfront to you?

Not only the product is not authentic, you will end up paying extortionate amount of money on made-up charges like:

  • Automatic memberships
  • Shipping charges
  • Cancellation fees
  • Late notice cancellation fees & so on

There are so many different types of retailers online. Each of them have their own unique business model of selling to you.

I categorize them as:

  • The Auto-Renewal Membership model
  • The Buy when you need it model
The number 1. model

If you are not familiar with number 1, this is what happens…

You usually see a 1 page website with very limited information.

The main purpose of this website is to get you to fill in your details, promising a trial offered by Natural Garcinia Cambogia.

Once you add your details and click the submit button, you will be presented with another form requesting your payment card details.

Now, at this point you don’t know exactly what you are paying. They claim they only use to card details to validate your details and you are over 18 etc.. B.S


You don’t enter your card details, if you are not told how much you are paying. 

This escalates to an auto-renewal membership that you will have so much headache to cancel.

Don’t Do It.

The number 2. model

Simple and straight forward.

You go on the website, the retailer has more than one page.

Things to look for:

  • The products have a PRICE
  • No Conditions Attached to your order
  • Customer Support page
  • Contact Numbers
Garcinia Cambogia Product Price


Prices are clearly highlighted.

They also highlight discounts, offers and additional benefits.

Most importantly here: NO SMALL PRINT

No Conditions Attached

You should not be forced to agree to any conditions when buying a product.

The website has a clear and easy user journey from front page to order completion. You know exactly what is happening, how much you are spending. Once your payment is done, your transaction is complete.

See you again for the next order.

And most times, keeping things simple and transparent to the customer, results in trust and repeat business.

I buy every month from them because I trust them.

The untrusted model website offers terms and conditions in small print at the bottom like this:


If you did not read it before adding your card details, then you are basically screwed.

So, avoid them.

Recap: Always Look for CLEAR PRICING on the Websites.
Customer Support Page

Any authentic retailer will have a dedicated customer support page on its website.

The customer support page should cover the following:

  • Money Back Guarantee (If any)
  • Cancellation procedures
  • Website Terms & Conditions
  • Payment (What your card will be charged)
  • Delivery (Number of working days, dispatch or order tracking information)
  • Credit Card Security
  • Email Support
Contact Numbers




A clear contact number on the retailer website is important.

Bonus: If they have a live chat support, it’s even more direct and easy to ask questions.

You should call them to check if they are genuine and readily available to answer your questions.

Lie #3: We have Too Much Customer Demand To Provide Support Or Answer Your Call

This was the deciding factor for me.

When I decided to test the product, I went online and searched. Most websites on top of Google were there due to heavy marketing efforts. For me , just because they were at the top of Google did not mean they were the best and most trusted.

I dug in further,  went to read reviews, Facebook groups about weight loss, forums. This eventually led me to Garcinia Extra Website.

See their Money Back Guarantee promise and Customer Support Links clearly visible.


Lie #4:  You Will Lose Fat in 1 Week!

Losing fat for some people is NOT Easy.

Out bodies react differently and everyone is different. While some people CAN lose weight faster, this claim is too biased and not properly evaluated.

Everything you want in life is achieved with pure dedication and hard work. The supplements are only a way to support and make the process easier.

Garcinia Cambogia supplements will aid you in losing weight IF you are serious about losing weight. There are things you can’t control like:

  • Metabolism rate
  • Appetite
  • Your body’s ability to discard FAT quickly

This is where Garcinia supplements will help you.

Everything else, is your commitment.

Lie #5: Nothing IS FREE My Friend

The FREE Garcinia Cambogia Bottle You get before you pay anything is a con.

Once you forget to cancel it within your 12 day trial period, you are automatically enrolled on a monthly membership and your card is billed.

You will also get charged for that FREE bottle they sent you!

What about the Cancel Any Time condition on their website?

Lie #6: Cancelling Is Harder Than Signing up



Of course, many websites claim that they have a “friendly”, cancel at any time support.

Don’t believe it.

This is the hardest and most frustrating phone conversation you will ever encounter.

Here are some dirty tactics they will use to stop you from cancelling your paid membership:

  • Long holding times on the phone (unnecessary of course)
  • Sending you between extensions for no reasons
  • Forcing you to pay for returning back the products
  • Cancellation fees
  • Upsell you other alternative diet supplements

Even if you do manage to escape the crutch of this evil retailer, they already have your details.

Expect telemarketing calls for months or even years.

Lie #7: Don’t Believe The Poster Girls

Celebrities lie about their beauty secrets.

I know it’s common knowledge.

But I came across this and thought… Nah probably debatable.

I believe it’s more down to their personal trainers and specialist team of nutritionists that support them maintaining their figures.

So don’t believe the hype.

Lie #8: * FAKE NEWS * Websites

Plenty of them on the first page of search engines.

This certainly looked like the BBC website, but when I clicked around the main navigation, they were all pointing to the retailer website.

Not Cool!


Stubborn websites that won’t allow you to leave the page!


Avoid websites that are trying to hard sell you.

Lie #9: Limited Supply In Stock


Watch out for websites claiming they are almost out of stock due to heavy demands.

These websites spend thousands of dollars on slick copywriting that appeals to consumers and use underhanded tactics to get your card number as quick as they can.

Bottom line is, if they ran out of stock to sell you, you can find another retailer out there in minutes.


Unfortunately, these free trials from unethical retailers have given the whole Garcinia Cambogia industry a bad reputation. To date, millions of men and women desperate to lose weight have spent huge amount of money on diet pills.

They have spent millions scooping up free trial offers that eventually turned out to be expensive membership programs.

I have detailed as much information as possible to help you avoid these “free” trial offers.

Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Don’t sign up for memberships
  2. Don’t trust websites that are not transparent with their pricing
  3. Always look for up front customer service
  4. Don’t trust websites that promise you quick results in short time
  5. Nothing is FREE
  6. Cancelling is harder than signing up
  7. Don’t believe celebrity endorsements
  8. Watch out for FAKE NEWS Websites. Click navigation around to check
  9. Watch out for “Almost out of stock” Alerts. They are fake.

Be a shrewd and discriminating customer online, and SAY NO to Scam offers.